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A Better We offers services, events, training, resources, and networking for organizations across many sectors -nonprofit, companies, faith/community groups, higher education/schools and government. 
Shefali founded this agency to further empower communities and individuals. The programs and services offered here are an expansion of the work she has done in the service sector for over 20 years. 

"I want to employ everything I possess - my voice, resources, skills, talents and network - to empower communities for the greater good."
    Shefali is available as a freelance Project Manager to help organizations further their mission or programs. In her many years as an executive director, there were many times Shefali wanted to hire a project manager who was reliable, credible and knowledgeable to help execute a specific project, launch an initiative or overcome a pain point. She knew exactly what she wanted to do but lacked the time and bandwidth to execute on the project herself. If this sounds familiar, this is how Shefali can support your organization.  Potential projects: Launch large campaigns/initiatives Build collaborations/coalitions across groups or service areas Develop, improve or simplify messaging/copywriting Create virtual advocacy campaigns Research solutions to overcome challenges Support corporate giving & volunteer programs Shefali can provide hands-on project implementation with a defined scope and clear deliverables, over a specified period of time. Service rates vary – hourly or by project – depending on the scope outlined at initial consultation. Shefali is not currently taking on clients/projects for fundraising, development or grant writing. Consulting services are an option based on the needs of organizations. 
    A Better We hosts special events with engaging speakers on a range of topics, with a goal to foster authentic leadership and empower individuals & organizations toward their greatest potential. ABW Classes and Training sessions are focused on areas of nonprofit management – executive director training, volunteer management and board development. Additional training includes social responsibility and how organizations can create effective philanthropic & service programs. We also share about programs/conferences hosted by other organizations, which may be of interest for our networks.
    Shefali is a sought-after speaker with associations, chambers, colleges, community groups and faith organizations and has presented on the following topics. For Nonprofit Organizations/Associations: Board Development Volunteer Management Volunteerism Trends Nexus of Volunteers & Donors Giving Day Campaigns For Corporations/Faith/Higher Education Groups: Volunteering/Service Programs Giving/Philanthropy Programs Giving Circles Civic Learning & Curriculum Community Engagement
    Connect: A Better We organizes networking circles in areas for nonprofit organizations, companies, faith/community groups, schools/higher education institutions and government. To join, there is a per meeting fee or become an annual member. Meetings will be posted to ‘Events’ and remember to sign up for our newsletter for latest invitations to networking meetings. Resources: ABW promotes the amazing work taking place in communities. Those resources and our own reference guides are shared via our newsletter. Advocacy: A Better We believes strongly in the idea of advocacy. If we’re inspired, we share to keep that energy going. Shefali uses her voice to amplify and create awareness about critical issues, and advocate for many causes. She is passionate about women’s empowerment, social impact, diversity & inclusion, the arts and sustainability.
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